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Should really the teeth of a cat be brushed?
I have read on the internet that a cat's teeth should be brushed weekly, is it true? I find it hard to believe that I have to do this for my cat, the clipping of the nails I get, but not the brushing of the teeth. How can this help the cat when one has good bacteria to help with the cleaning and all? Does anyone know more about how a cat should be properly cared for? I appreciate your help.
24.06.2014, 08:55
Rank: 7
This month:
Unfortunately i have no cats at home but i also red an article on the internet about the cats health. It said that the cats can suffer from parodontitis or have caries, just like us, humans. This is why they should be checked regulary and even brushed on their theet.

I also find it kinda weird :), maybe the vet knows best. But i think that this issue should be considered a serious one because the healthier the cats are, the longer and happier will they live.
07.07.2014, 09:54
Rank: 7
This month:
There are both pets lovers and vets that say brushing an animal's teeth is very important. Many commercials at the tv say that cats and dogs eat some special sticks that contain some substances that help the animal maintain fresh, clean and strong teeth. I think that you can ask a pet shop keeper, search on the internet and then decide what you think is best for your cat.
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