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What actually defines a good video action game?
What actually defines a good video action game?
24.11.2013, 15:54
Rank: 7
This month:
Video games just don't stop as the venues keep growing by leaps and bounds. The technologies that make up these games and the producers keep expanding the horizons to bring you the best in the gaming experience. Since there are numerous genres, the most are the action games and you might be asking what to look for in video action games?

These video action games can cost as much as major motion pictures to produce and they make as much money if not more. The reason for the popularity is the action, strategy, game play, and of course the story. A well planned and executed video game can be like an interactive soap opera for its users and people get hooked on them just like any serialized entertainment. You have some games with such huge fandoms they can rival the populations of large cities themselves. However, what makes these action games so popular and what are you looking for?

Well the first thing to look for is whether the genre of the action game fits your choice. Are you a sci-fi or western or military fan? Well, there are action games that feature each of those niches and combinations therein. Next is to look for the story, strategy, and game play. Is the game realistic enough to draw you into the narrative of the story and action? Are the tools and techniques easy to comprehend and use within the virtual environment without being burdensome but not so easy as to lack any challenge? Finally, what are the rewards of playing the game? Has your sense of awareness increased? How about your reflexes, your understanding of how to handle problems in life? That's the key point of these action games in that they challenge you physically, mentally, and believe it or not spiritually.

Yes, action games can challenge you spiritually because they allow you to test your character and morals. Will you save the Earth and get the girl or take the girl and leave the Earth to the invading aliens? Will you rescue your battalion at the risk of your own life or will you make a retreat and hope for the best? Will you choose good over evil? That's all inside these video action games and when you find the one that fits you, you'll be off to great fun and adventure.
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