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What are natural remedies for toothache?
Rinse mouth that saltwater
Drinking water (200-250 ml) Mix 2-3 teaspoons of salt (the higher is better). Water should be slightly warm, not cold. Stir well to dissolve the salt, then rinse mouth thoroughly with this mixture. Take one mouth, rinse, and repeat until then spits salty glass finish. The salt water soothes toothache and can be an effective solution for some sufferers.
Essential oil of cloves
Clove essential oil is known for that can numb the nerve endings as it contains a natural anesthetic. Wool soaked in a little essential oil of cloves, then keep dressing painful place to feel numb and the pain goes away. If you have not Clove essential oil at home, you can use one - chew it a bit (not the painful) then keep it in the painful area until the pain goes away.
Chew onion
At the first sign of pain dental chew a piece of onion (raw), especially in the painful area. It is not hard, so it should not affect you. Instead, it has anti-bacterial properties and helps to eliminate pain.
Ice cubes
If you were sore gums or a tooth hurts because of decay, then you can also use ice cubes to get rid of pain. Put a cube or two in a bag, which he then dressed in a thin layer of clean gauze and take the painful area (on the cheek, not in the mouth). Click easily on the spot with ice cube and will numb the painful area.
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