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What are the benefits of walking out with the baby during winter?
What are the benefits of walking out with the baby during winter?
26.07.2014, 12:24
Rank: 7
This month:
I will not go out with baby on this weather when you see mountains of snow and people who walk fast on the street, it is normal to think so, but a winter walk with the baby as long as the snow mountains are not mountains, when the wind is far from being a blizzard and the temperature has not dropped well below 0 degrees Celsius has many benefits. Even a minute-long winter walk with your baby is beneficial for the little one and for you With a baby carrier in the first few months, then with a stroller which you can assemble on the car seat, so that baby can sit, you can have a short walk in the park. Sure, only if you are dressed appropriately if you feel that you are frozen, hurry back inside.As you read in other articles, the exposure to fresh air and outside walks strengthen the immune system of the baby, as babies who get a cold more often are exactly those who have been over-protected and kept in the house, their body fighting harder with the hostile factors which does not mean that you should not protect the little one, but you should not turn a cold into a tragedy - all kids get a cold. A walk with the baby during winter, when possible, ensures that he will have a better and lasting sleep. It is the same for the mother, who may experience episodes of insomnia after childbirth - a little fresh air and then Sandman knocks at the door The exposure to natural light during the day develops the babys biological clock, which brings better sleep at night and also makes him more tired at the end of the day. Fresh air and natural light help much more fight the symptoms of depression - as new mothers face the risk of depression in winter, because cold weather factors are combined with factors that trigger post-natal depression.A walk with the baby during winter ensures physical movement, so beneficial for new mothers - once recovered after birth, a short walk out with the baby carrier is really a good exercise Getting out in clean air ensures appetite. Going out with the baby during winter gives him a fun and exciting activity - as he grows, the baby will become curious and will be very interested in new sounds, new movements around, even in the first months. Winter walks can be your salvation when the baby is in a bad mood - is irritated, agitated and cries. His condition is often improved after you go out for a walk. After he grows up and is very active all day long by running around the house, playing outside assures the proper development of the body and mind Even when the baby cannot stand up yet, going out and the opportunity to see what is around, new images, new sounds, new smells, will develop the senses and cognitive skills. When the baby sits, remove him from his trolley for a little while and let him sit in the snow, in order to feel it and touch it do not forget about the waterproof layer of the clothes.
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