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What are the best tips for fathers bringing up a child alone?
What are the best tips for fathers bringing up a child alone?
28.07.2014, 14:53
Rank: 7
This month:
You cannot give him the same emotions of the relationship between mother and child, but you can offer him the feeling of safety, comfort, attachment through communication. Do not limit yourself to discussions about what the child wants and what he needs to do. Start while he is young, try to really talk to him, ask him what he thinks, feels and tell him what you think in turn. An open relationship, in which the father and child truly talk can provide the so-much needed warmth and intimacy. You are busy with your job, in an attempt to have that financial situation that will allow you to offer your child everything he needs. But remember: more important than the toys are the activities together, the feeling that you are always beside him, to comfort him and offer a shoulder to cry on. A child raised only by his father may lack that feeling of stability, safety, and therefore a close relationship between father and child helps more than you realize. So, plan spending quality time in weekends with your little ones, as well as every night. No matter how tired you are, talk to them, make them feel loved and cared for.

Fill this part of your child's life with wonderful, unforgettable memories. Do not force him to grow prematurely. Sure, he will have to learn to cope alone with certain things: preparing for school, lunch bag, homework. But let him be a baby, do not assign too many responsibilities as he is still small. Be sure he spends time with other children too - organize at your house afternoons for playing with colleagues, neighbors - in order for him not to become isolated from the rest of the world. Let him play games on computer and, as much as possible, ensure him a warm house, an atmosphere of "feeling home": toys, photographs, a kitchen where you two can eat together, at least in the evenings. Make sure he spends time with a woman relative, a woman to replace the motherly figure. Grandmother - any of grandparents - can somehow compensate the mother's absence. In addition, organize regular family meals to give him a sense of stability, security, to feel part of a family group. Especially for a girl, look for offering her a female model, because you, as a father, cannot help her with some things and activities.

The child raised only by his father needs to know who his mother was, how she was as a person, how much she loved him. Whatever the situation or the reason why the mom is missing (death, running from home, divorce, imprisonment), create to the little one a mental positive picture of his mother. Talk about her, although this matter may bring you heavy-hearted memories. Show him pictures of you two, tell him about the ideas and thoughts of his mother, do everything you can for your child and later on your teenager to have the feeling that he knows her. Do not try to ignore the mother's absence by thinking that it is easier for the child. He will never forget that has no mother, so that's why you must help him to make a visual image, to be able to imagine conversations with her, to be able to dream her.
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