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What are the causes of ear pain?
What are the causes of ear pain?
31.07.2014, 21:46
Rank: 7
This month:
Either we talk about minor or serious trauma, or just simple conditions,ear paincan appear anytime, being very annoying and painful. However, the ear the exterior side which we can all see cant hurt so the causes are actually different. There is the possibility for ear pain to suddenly appear out of nowhere.When this happens it is indicated to immediately ask for medical help. Also, you have to take into account the possibility that your ear might have gone through a series of factors which led to pain, like powerful noises, any other powerful sound pressure, a trauma provoked by a strike, high altitude and even rupture of the eardrum.Another cause would be the presence of foreign bodies in the ear, or middle ear infection otitis media. Here, we must also take into account the ear pain that suddenly occurs, even without the existence of any inherent symptoms. Ear pain is typical otitis, the earache is very violent and disturbing. For example, if the earache is accompanied by fever, then it is ear pain and you have to resort to a specialist to avoid any complications.Even worse than that, ear pain is also felt in the last molars and larynx, in other words, it is also felt in the dental arch. Indeed, this pain can even be directed towards the eyeball. Yet, do not forget that ear pain accompanied by fever, can also occur in people who are in pain after influenza or scarlet fever, which is caused by any unforeseen complications. According to the doctors, ear pain can heal in a few days, if you follow the medical advice, more precisely, if youre given anti-inflammatory medicine and antibiotics. Even so, you shouldnt buy them by yourselves, without a medical consultation.
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