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What are the characteristics of the Church of Satan, in what do they believe?
What are the characteristics of the Church of Satan, in what do they believe?
20.07.2014, 20:16
Rank: 7
This month:
Contrary to all believes, the church of Satan does not worship or believe in devil, Satan is a behavioral model, his name meaning adversary or opponent, or the one who doubts. Christians see the rules of the church, sins and statements as axiomatic truths that noone have to to comply with. The nine sins of Satanism are: stupidity, solipsism, being picky, deciving your being, herd conformity, counterproductive pride, lack of perspective, lack off aesthetics and forgeting former ortodoxy. For Church, there are new claims about Satan which express what it it means for cult folowers. Satan represents indulgence, wisdom, vital existence, kindness,responsibility, revenge, it represents all sins, man like any other animal is the best friend of the church.

The church of Satan has eleven rules of the earth that to guide their followers towards certain actions. Followers are not asked to give their opinion if they do not ask; they do not have to confesses their problems to others unless they are sure that their interlocutors want to hear these things; those who are guest in someone
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