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What are the health benefits of kohlrabi?
What are the health benefits of kohlrabi?
31.07.2014, 16:25
Rank: 7
This month:
Kohlrabi has various proprieties, such as diuretic, depurative. They help to the elimination from the organism of the toxins. Also, the substances inside these vegetables are helping protecting the thyroidal gland. More than that, they are also recommended in treating acne, improves the sexual performances, especially for women, and helps the diabetics.You should drink the turnip juice immediately after its preparation. It is recommended for the colitis treatment, obesity or in case of inflammations of the bladder. Eventually, you can combine the turnip juice with juice made of carrots, celery or dandelion roots, because is very good for gastric diseases. It also has an external application it cures the furuncle and the frostbite.The kohlrabi syrup, which is obtained from adding sugar inside the plants strain and is eaten with a teaspoon, is benefic in treating the respiratory diseases, like sinusitis or flu. The turnip leaves also help combating the tiredness, stress, or can help decrease the speed of aging for the organism.The seeds are used in the preparation of teas. In order to prepare the tea, you will need a spoon of turnip seeds and a few linden flowers. The tea that comes out of that infusion and is good to treat heart diseases and colds, flu, or tonsillitis.
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