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What are the most common causes of back pain?
What are the most common causes of back pain?
31.07.2014, 15:40
Rank: 7
This month:
When the spine is incorrectly inclined, this will cause back pain in short time. For treating back pain you need certain tinctures, medication and anti-inflammatories, but the pain will only be covered for a short time, and it will appear again later. Correcting disorders of hearing and sight will also lead to the disappearance of back pain.The problems which arise in the pelvis or legs can cause deviations of the column. Ankle fractures that didnt heal properly produce changes of the spine. Because of the body weight, an uneven pressure can be exercised on the soles. There are people who walk with a tilted position of their back, letting the entire weight to bend on their heels, so after a while the back pain will occur. Considering the doctors advice, the patient must wear some special inserts, and to apply the ticker ones on the high pressure zone. During walking, the pressure will be distributed, and the walking will be corrected. This pain can also be genetic.Spine problems can be caused by a malformation from birth. The malformation that causes the gradual wear of the discd between the vertebrae, leads to the onset of arthritis known as lumbar. Between vertebrae and the intervertebral disc, there are some bones that grow, called osteophytes. The most affected areas are the back and neck.Sometimes back pain also occurs due to muscle contractions produced by stress. A stressed person isnt properly using its muscles, causing muscle pain. If they are not treated, they can even become unbearable. A very popular method of treatment for muscle pain in the back is the massage classical, relaxing, ayurvedic, Indian. For back pain or neck pain, classic massages are the most practical.
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