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What are the most common causes of stomachaches?
What are the most common causes of stomachaches?
31.07.2014, 12:43
Rank: 7
This month:
The rapid consumption of the foods is another cause of the stomachache. Also, strict diets can provoke different affections to the organism, leading sometimes to ulcer. The doctors also accuse the daily stress, the tiredness and unfortunately, the inefficient hygiene program that some people develop. For example, each aliment, from fruits to the meat we consume, should be very well washed. Lets not forget that our hands should be also clean, because the bacteria can very well remain installed in there.Specialists say that the stomachaches are translated through the irritation of the stomachs mucosa. Some of the most frequent factors determining this irritation are caused by smoking, but we cant forget about alcohol as well. In the same time, some people prefer spicy foods, which unfortunately can cause stomachaches, but in time, our organism and our stomach will get used to this type of alimentation, and will develop a certain immune system, to protect the organs from the unwanted pain however the doctors are not recommending us to frequently consume spicy foods. The stomachaches are also determined by the speed with which we eat our meals, their temperature too hot, too cold and so on.
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