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What are the most important moments during pregnancy?
What are the most important moments during pregnancy?
28.07.2014, 21:56
Rank: 7
This month:
Once you get pregnant, its good to know which the most important moments are while you are expecting, what the steps you have to make in raising the child are and what the changes that are going to happen in your life are. Pregnancy is like a long road, sprinkled with happiness and excitement, but also moments of panic, worries and sadness.Since that happy moment when the pregnancy test shows you that you will soon become a mother, you have to start making plans for the near future and some changes in your life.The first important moment during pregnancy quickly make an appointment to see a gynecologist. The specialist will advise you and bring to your attention the changes you have to make in your lifestyle. You will make medical tests to see if you are healthy and in good shape to deliver a baby, and the doctor will calculate the approximate birth date of your child. It is important to know that, from now on, the doctor will be your friend and adviser, so if you dont have a specialist you can trust yet, you should ask your friends or relatives to recommend you one.The second important moment during pregnancy you will make some changes in your life from the first month of pregnancy you will adopt a healthy diet, which consists in small but very frequent meals. You will exercise and give up the risky habits, like alcohol, tobacco or coffee. You will adopt a regularly and relaxing program every day. You will give up sleeping late, going to parties, or doing stressful and exhausting chores. In this period of time you have to have a good spirit and avoid getting exhausted. It is time to announce your manager about the pregnancy, and if your job is too stressful, exhausting, or it takes place in a toxic environment, ask for certain changes so that you wont have to take any risks. You have the right to avoid the exposure to any risks, so no matter how important your job is, it shouldnt be more important that your child.
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