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What are the properties of plantain?
What are the properties of plantain?
31.07.2014, 13:27
Rank: 7
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Plantainis famous for its curing properties ever since the times of the old Dacians. More than that, it was strongly recommended to all the medical schools in antiquity. In many books and studies realized in that period, the plantain was mentioned every time. Apparently it was very famous during the Roman Empire as well, because some of Neros doctors were appreciating it and using it for treating the sick people.Traditionally, this plant has more names, one more uncommon than the other the oxs tongue, the mother of the rain, big grass, etc. The plantain can develop on several types of soils but it prefers though the places with higher humidity. The blooming time for the plant is in May, and the last seedlings appear at the beginning of the 3rdseason, in September.From this plant its root is used in most cases, but also, in some cases, the strain is more useful. Besides all its vitamins, such as A, K or C, the plant also contains salicylic acid, volatile oil, proteins, minerals, antibiotics and fats. All these components are making the plant very useful in therapeutic purposes, and of course, in treating many diseases and affections.
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