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What are the reasons for choosing the natural childbirth at home?
What are the reasons for choosing the natural childbirth at home?
26.07.2014, 17:46
Rank: 7
This month:
Lamaze natural childbirth methods have grown in popularity lately, although not enough, being behind the caesarean or epidural delivery. There still are adherents of the natural birth (sometimes under water) which shows that birth is a natural process and does not require medical intervention, which shows that the key is the trust of the women in her power. Home birth has become increasingly popular. This is not really a modern method of birth, but ancient, while the relaxation techniques and of assistance of the woman are modern. Basically, she chooses one room at home where she feels comfortable and safe, where she can do exercises and have relaxing baths as she likes, being assisted by a midwife - a person who has both a medical and a spiritual assistance role and of encouragement. A complete medical exam before the birth is necessary to check the health of the mother and child, as well as a plan to transfer to the hospital in case of complications. The woman will adopt different techniques to relax and she will give birth in the safe and comforting environment of her home.

Why so? This method of modern birth teaches, instructs the young mothers and restores their confidence in their natural ability to give birth to a baby
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