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What are the therapeutic uses of cherries?
What are the therapeutic uses of cherries?
30.07.2014, 17:59
Rank: 7
This month:
Urinary problems- It is recommended to use cherry stems tea as it has diuretic properties.Gout, fever- A good remedy is the cherry syrup.Urinary diseasecystitis, nephritis, kidney stones and others - it is recommended to drink for a period of two days a glass of decoction of stems of cherries per day. To have a pleasant taste, pour it hot over 250 g razed apples or fresh cherries, cover with foil for 15 minutes, then strain and drink.Obesity- keep a diet with fresh cherries 500 g daily during the season.Diabetes- People with diabetes should consume fewer cherries, because they contain lots of sugar. However, cherries have good effect in small quantities because they contain carbohydrates.Cherries prevent aging, detoxify the body- the intake of fresh fruits is recommended daily, because they have remineralizing, energizing, detoxifying, refreshing properties. If you keep a diet for two days of fresh cherries, you eliminate waste and toxins from the body.Poor growth- These fruits are recommended for children that are still developing physically, as they contain many vitamins and minerals, have energizing properties, regenerating and remineralizing the tissues.Skin and rheumatism allergies and warts- It is recommended to use cherry seed oil extract, which is applied locally.Muscle soreness, muscle pain- people who exercise daily and drink 700 ml of cherry juice have better sports performance and the muscle soreness is much improved.Migraine- Apply some crushed cherry on the forehead, in the form of poultice.Skin Care- cosmetic masks with crushed fresh cherry are recommended to be applied on the neck and face because they have toning effect of the faded and tired skin. Kidney cancer, bladder cancer- it is recommended to drink cherry juice daily for one month, because it stimulates diuresis and fights renal inflammations, so these serious diseases can be prevented.Cardiac ischemia- Cherries contain substances that liquefy blood, influences fat metabolism, thereby helping to lower cholesterol. Consume for a period of 20 days 1 kg of cherries per day. This treatment prevents heart attacks, so it is recommended for people prone to heart diseases.
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