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What are the Vedic texts?
I know that Indians have interesting and unique ancient writings about theur religion, their culture, their gods and about how should people spend their lives. What are these Vedic texts? Do they reveal somethig about their history? JHAve you heard about it?
09.09.2014, 09:04
Rank: 7
This month:
These vedic writings or the Vedes are sacred hindu writings which describe the origins of the first royal descendents in India. These are the prists-kings that have descended somewhere over the sea. They were part of the Bhrigu, an order that gathered the initiated followers of the ancient knowledge about human and Earth origins. These texts are considered to be scared and that give the perspective about life and origins that we have never heard of before. School and science does not show us these books and perspectives, namely the reptilian orgins of humankind. This means that, according to the Vede the acient descendednts of these priests-kings are some monarchs among who was the snake-king named Nahusha. It is said that these reptilians were leading the world, were coming down on Earth and reproduct to humans, make them slaves or even eat them. It is said that the reptilian descendents exist even today. These certain people is said to be the true ones that conduct the world: the royal planetary families from every country.
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