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What causes tennis elbow?
What causes tennis elbow?
31.07.2014, 17:11
Rank: 7
This month:
When the tennis player is suddenly and rapidly serving a backhand stroke, the compensation of the feet occurs and the speed is lower, suddenly moving the joint of the elbow to surround the ball. This way, the player suddenly and strongly forces the joint the outer tendon of the elbow, including the muscle, which occurs in the movement of the joint in the arm.The same strain occurs when a worker aggressively twists a screwdriver or a tool, or when he suddenly lifts heavy objects with his arm locked in the extended position. In people over the age of 30, their muscles and tendons can be easily affected by these sudden and uncontrolled movements.The lesions appear as fine breaks on the muscles and tendons that are prone areas after healing, sometimes bleeding, with a granulated, dense tissue, and with calcium deposits around them. The collagen a protein released from the injured area is causing pain and inflammation. A blood flow interruption can occur in this place as well as a compression of the nerve that controls the movement in the arm and hand.The tendons which are attaching the muscles to the bones are healing much harder because they do not receive the same amount of blood and oxygen that the muscles get. Therefore, there are cases where the tennis players elbow persists for years although the inflammation disappears within weeks.
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