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What connection is there between the dream and the dreamer?
I was wondering, is there any connection between the dream one has the personality of that person? I mean, what exactly triggers two people to dream of smoking a cigarette for example? Are there any patterns to be established?
01.10.2014, 11:55
Rank: 1
This month:
What we dream is not necessarily what the dream stands for. Most of the times it happens that we dream about someone bringing us joy and actually the next day, great misfortune comes upon our lives. This happens because in most cases, the events during sleep are exactly those that our subconscious minds are trying to make us thing about in the case of misfortune.
They say that people with vices (smokers, consumers of hallucinogenic substances, alcoholics) have dreams that are torn out of reality, with fantasy creatures, impossible actions in the real life, and those who give up their vices begin to have more realistic nocturnal episodes, meaning dreams.
The outside world influences our dreams a lot. As an example, we can even take dreams in which we see food, or we eat or drink something. This means that the dream transfers a reaction to us, a physical event, a human need, which we finally wake up to do.
Our bodies never appear to move while we dream, because otherwise, we might move in real life as well, in our beds, modifying our position, which could cause some difficulties. That is exactly why children under the age of 3 don’t dream about themselves, and those below the age of 12 often have nightmares. Grown people can control their own dreams, which we will see unfolding, in the categories of dreams.
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