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What damage have i just caused to my mobile phone if i dropped it into water unintetionally?
What damages have i caused to may phone if i dropped it into the water? It rang for waking me up this morning and went sleepy as i was, at the toilet and dropped it inside. What happened inside it?
08.09.2014, 08:31
Rank: 7
This month:
Most probably the water got into the speaker and the screen, it depends on what model you have and the way it has been put together. Once I dropped my phone into a filled sink and I dried it using a hair drier, I took the battery our because there is power in it and I have heard in water it can deteriorate. I dried my phone and it had absolutely nothing. Everything in it can stand the water, except the battery. My guess is that it should be just fine, unless it got to the speaker and you turned it one without letting it dry properly.
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