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What difficulties faces a single father?
What difficulties faces a single father?
26.07.2014, 13:56
Rank: 7
This month:
A single father is working a lot and sometimes tries to compensate for the time spent together by offering gifts to the kid. But the latter needs to stay with his parent, especially when the father is the only one he has. A child brought up by a father needs more than anyone else the feeling of closeness, of activities done together, to know that he is an important presence in the life of his parent. The lack of time spent together cannot be compensated by anything.

The woman offers that feeling of "home", warmth and organization. The feminine figure ensures the children a safe environment where they feel safe from danger and close to the loved ones. The maternal figure provides care and teaches the child what a relationship, human contact, communication and intimacy mean. A child without the mother figure can become isolated, especially if the relationship with his father does not involve some chats about the daily activities. What is the reason why mother doesn't come home? If the mother has left home or is locked in prison, the child can develop emotions and feelings of guilt, rejection, bla,e of the father. He has to blame someone. Thus, only an open communication can help him not to draw any wrong conclusions. If he will blame his father, he will push him away and shut himself into his shell. If the mother is deceased, the child may develop risky depressions, so he should be watched over carefully in case of signs of depression.

Any parent enters into a conflict with his children, especially during adolescence, but also when they are young. The mother is usually the person to heal the breach, who has the required patience and warmth to invite communication, not rejection. A single father will find it very difficult to resolve the conflict, because there is no other person to intervene between the parties and to mediate the misunderstanding. The two - father and children - are alone and must work through disagreements on their own. And when to a seemingly insignificant conflict there are added feelings of guilt, then the situation is unmanageable. Try to impose clear limits and rules and to talk openly with your child - when he is wrong, tell him why he has done wrong, not just to punish him. In case of conflict, do not get mad if he throws in your face unpleasant things - he is just a child. Let him stand alone for a while, to think, to calm down and try to talk to him afterwards.
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