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What do dreams with riding animals signify?
What do dreams with riding animals signify?
07.03.2014, 15:28
Rank: 5
This month:
When you dream that you are mounted on any kind of animal and this animal is going slowly, it means that you will be very lucky with everything and that destiny will be in your favour, but if you dream that the animal throws you off the saddle or that it starts running with you mounted on, it means that you have to take better care of yourself, and to stay out of volatiles situations. If you dream that you are mounted on an animal and it throws you off, it also means that you will have a vulgar, unrefined life lacking all morals.However, if you dream that someone else is mounted on an animal it means that you will soon have many joys and if you dream that the person you love is riding an animal it means that the two of you will tie your destinies through a wedding ceremony. If you dream about an important person riding it means that you will win a lot of money and when you dream that you are trying to ride an animal and you cant do it, it means that you wont have any company, that you will always be alone, that you will be humiliated and that the people around wont like you at all for who you really are.
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