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What do I have to consider when setting up an outdoor kitchen?
What do I have to consider when setting up an outdoor kitchen?
28.07.2014, 17:25
Rank: 7
This month:
According to you preferences, but also to your financial possibilities, you can arrange your summer kitchen entirely in the garden, or inside your house, with an opening in the garden. Arranging the garden kitchen is influenced primarily by your own tastes and desires.

In order to set up a complex outdoors kitchen, you can build yourself a small gazebo. This will allow you to cook and spend your free time outdoors even in the summer days that are not so sunny. And even if you do not choose a covered gazebo, the furniture pieces that you choose for your small summer garden kitchen (the table and the chairs) will be chosen according to their resistance to the weather conditions. It is important for these not to easily degrade due to storms or to the sun, or require special care.

Next to the table and the chairs, you can opt for a bench, for small tabourets made out of logs in case you go for a rustic design or for a sofa if you wish to relax next to the loved ones, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

In what concerns the cooking space, you can choose either a cooking stove, or an oven, but regardless of this - the grill must not be absent. It is advised to install a small kitchen board that would also include a sink in order to simplify things.

Around the cooking space, you can plant your favorite vegetables and aromatized herbs in the garden, which will offer you the freshness that will enchant you every time you cook.

Do not forget that in order to create a special space, the originality and creativity are very important factors, which of course, you will adapt to your own needs.

This way you can combine usefulness with pleasure and cooking will not be a burden anymore due to the very high temperatures, but instead it will become a genuine pleasure.
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