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What does being happy actually mean?
I hear many people complain about money or other stuff and I get the impression they will never be happy because the haven't learnt what really matters in this life. What brings happiness to you? Money, social status or a comfortable relationship?
17.07.2014, 10:09
Rank: 7
This month:
People have different perspectives over being happy and what makes them happy. What makes me happy is something that comes from within, a state of mind, mood that comes up from a joy and a please that cannot be depicted into words. I thank that inner peace, accepting life the way it is combined with fighting for what you love are what makes somebody happy. Then, material things contribute to a state of security and peace, but not the other way round. I may say i feel happy when i help somebody, i feel happy when i am helped by somebody who knows i can never repay him back, i am happy when i know that the other one does not know where the good thing came from, when i feel free by being in love with somebody.
25.07.2014, 09:13
Rank: 7
This month:
Being happy is a great thing to achieve in this life. I think that the most important thing is your own set of mind, meaning that if you can appreciate what you already have, you can feel the joy when hearing the thrill of a bird or when seeing a beautiful flower, you have the inner peace that allows you to be happy.
For this, you must first solve your inner problems like shame, the feeling of inferiority, sometimes superiority :), loss of something or someone important etc.
Most probably people will pass through different stages in live. There will be happy periods and there will be stressful or sad days... this is life!
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