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What factors affect the health of breast cancer patients?
What factors affect the health of breast cancer patients?
30.07.2014, 16:59
Rank: 7
This month:
Lipids should be avoided because they are harmful and they influence the producing of breast cancer.Sweets should be consumed in low quantities and they should only be prepared from natural honey.Vitamin B12 should be avoided because it has effects in cells multiplication. Aliments rich in vitamin B12 and iron should not be consumed such as meat and especially organs.Vegetal oils and margarine may trigger heart diseases and other types of cancer they help increase LDL cholesterol and decrease HDL cholesterol that has protective role.Smoking must mandatorily be avoided because it leads to the increase of free radicals concentration and it cancels the action of nutritive antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C.Alcohol consumption is forbidden in ill people. Stress and psychical depressions may cause the reappearance of the disease after a surgical intervention. Fatigue, fury, anger, fear and pessimism are states of spirit that aggravate the disease or contribute to its triggering. The exposure of the breasts under the sun, under ultraviolet and radioactive rays or Roentgen may accentuate or trigger the disease.Mammary cancer may be healed if the patient follows a correct treatment and if she respects a natural alimentation based on nutritive elements that are necessary to the organism minerals, vitamins, trace elements with essential roles in the increase of immunity and in reviving the organism. Exercise and walks are important because they help oxygenate the cells of the organism.
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