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What is a collage?
What is a collage?
17.09.2013, 19:50
Rank: 7
This month:
Be it made from pure passion, lack of occupation or as a profession, a collage may have a rather qualitative appearance if it is made with taste and if it follows a few techniques that will offer a more precise image, which cannot be associated with kitsch. Above all, collage means imagination, which can be richer than that required for making a painting, because paintings are based on a muse. Broadly, collage is about cutting certain shapes, images, objects, about arranging them in space and afterwards sticking them on paper, canvas, wood or any other surface. Although some results are considered to be brilliant, there are also the simple collages (at a mediocre level, one might say) made by anyone who simply wants to develop something, no matter how trivial it may be. For example, simply arranging family photos or photos with various friends can be considered as a collage. Thus, we have in one frame several important moments in our lives.
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