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What is the Iron Age?
The Iron Age refers to the period of time when ironworking was the most sophisticated type of metallurgy. Ironworking is preferable to the bronze working which preceded it due to the higher durability and availability of iron ore. How would it be to live in those times?
22.09.2014, 10:18
Rank: 7
This month:
Those eras existed thousands of years ago, they began before Christ and ended some where after Him. It is true that iron is more durable and a hard material than bronze. Bronze is a soft material. Iron age was a glorious and full of developing civilizations all over Europe and all over the world. Tools, jewels, armament that was very popular and effcient in those times and many other things that permited people improve their lives and aliving. The iron trades were becoming more and more often and people relised they can create a stronger life by selling and buying iron. Many iron proofs from the iron age reveal the level of civilization that humans have reached those times. Many iron objects were created for everyday life, for eating, for combing hair, for using tools in the kitchen, for killing animals in order to eat and to defend from enemies were only one part of the iron in those times.
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