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What is the reason people dream?
I have always asked myself, is there any reason for which we people have dreams during the night? What could possibly be the explanations and what sort of things do you know?
01.10.2014, 11:52
Rank: 7
This month:
We all dream, even if we do it differently, and this mostly means that men and women have very different experiences regarding their dreams and the interpretation of what they dream about. They say that from a scientific point of view, in a man’s dream, most often we will find other men, and in a woman’s dream, we will find both sexes in equal amounts.
Dreaming is healthy, because it puts your mind at rest, it allows you to relax and it defends you from psychotic disease, mostly because your brain can function normally this way. The people who are often awaken suddenly, so while they are dreaming (because sleep is a continuous state of dreaming) can become very irritated and agitated, ending up in the impossibility to focus on the important things.
In dreams we only see things that we know, things that we have seen or felt. Even though the people appearing in our dreams have a completely strange face for us, they are still representing well determined individuals in our lives, with clear features.
Some people dream more colourful and some others rather dream in black and white. They say that those who dream in more colours have a rich life and they are people with a well-developed imagination, people who are always positive, people who have had and still have a normal social life.
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