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What is true love and how do you know you have found it?
I am in a 5-month relationship now and I was wondering, is it true love or just comfort. How can one tell apart these two feelings? I have thought over and over again, but I could never find a line to differentiate them. Love implies comfort and comfort in order to exist implies love, for one is happy in such a state. What's your opinion about love and comfort and which one is more dangerous?
09.07.2014, 09:33
Rank: 7
This month:
I was passing quite the same feelings and moods a time ago and I started wondering whether i could live with this person all my life, whether i could live with his habits and good traits or weaknesses and i still apply this test to my life and personality and i know that i have never met such a pleasant and kind person before. And these things are, in fact, his behavior to me and to his fellows and other persons. If this person comforts you and at the same time surprises you with his actions, i think you just have to wait and see whether he is a person that likes to take the lead sometimes and surprise you or he only does this in order to impress you until he knows you are his and the other way round. As long as both of you are realistic about the fact that good things and bad things do not come form themselves, i think you are on the good side, as long as both know that they have to permanently wok for harmony and respect, that a relationship grows only if you "feed" it with respect, kindness, all types of presents sometimes, with a little bit of logic and self-control, with patience etc. then it is a proper taught for both to perceive that you both are each other's love. I think that mature love is not about fairytales like: he/she will mend all my heart's broken pieces, we will never be apart, we will never do something different away from each other, we won't do things at different hours, we will give away the old habits just because we are together etc. I think that you have found each other because once both have realized that being comfortable with myself leads me to being comfortable with somebody in a relationship. If you do not have thoughts about changing, controlling and always making only one's desires, then i might have found the love of your life. My opinion is that you should both get to know each other deeper, you should both analyze what you wish and have patience with each other.
15.07.2014, 09:21
Rank: 7
This month:
I must agree with Keira about a good relationship. The fire will burn out in time and all that remains is the way you treat each other and the way you can cooperate.
You cannot base a relationship only on sexual attraction because it will burn out in 3 years if not sooner. Relatinships need common goals, listening, understanding and trying to grow together.
I reckon, it is hard to find a person that lets you be yourself and helps you grow in the same time, but if you do find it, you have a great chance for a happy family life.
And lets not forget about ourselves, we have to give in order to receive, at least that's the way it should be.
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