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What legends are related to the bay laurel?
What legends are related to the bay laurel?
30.07.2014, 18:52
Rank: 7
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In ancient times, Bay Laurel was associated with the symbol of immortality it was believed to protect against lightning and the master of this shrub was considered the god Apollo. In the Middle Ages, it was said to protect people from evil spirits and it was considered the tree of the sun and peace. In Ancient Rome, the crowns of the emperors and heroes were decorated with Bay Laurel leaves. A fortune teller named Pitia from the Ancient Greece used to chew Bay Laurel leaves before telling her prophecies and burn branches with Bay Laurel leaves in the presence of those who were listening and she offered Bay Laurel crowns at departure. Also, the poets of Ancient Greece and Rome were awarded and decorated with that beautiful crown made of Bay Laurel leaves.
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