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What tips can you give me for having sex in the water?
What tips can you give me for having sex in the water?
31.10.2013, 19:30
Rank: 7
This month:
Unfortunately, a condom is not effective under water, so if you want sex in the water, it would be good for her to take contraceptive pills (the condom slips and breaks easily in water due to lack of lubrication). If not, then just have sex without finality because in water you have exactly the same chances of getting pregnant! It is very exciting for him and is a solution for the last dilemma: if you have no protection! Finalize orally very fast - you, as a girl, will have to keep your head under water, which can be unpleasant, but you can try it. In the shower, it is easier, because you can keep your nose out of the water, in theory. The most convenient and pleasant is when you sit face to face and the girl raises one leg with which she surrounds the waist of the lover. You can try to curl both your legs and keep your arms around his neck - the water supports your weight! At the water surface, you will look only as an embraced couple, but not for long (people will realize at some point what you are doing).

Do not have sex in the water too often! Especially in the sea, bacteria and the salt in the sea water can have less pleasant effects on your genital area. So, after a sex session in the sea, a shower is essential. You may think that a pool provides an equally exciting location, but cleaner - well, chlorine in swimming pools is just as harmful. In the bathtub, beware of using too much shower gel and foaming that could enter the vagina
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