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What weird things do you know about the dreams we have?
What do you think are the weirdest things regarding dreams and especially dreaming? Have you ever encountered strange facts? Who has more details about this thing?
01.10.2014, 11:49
Rank: 7
This month:
First of all, we need to mention that the interpretation of the dreams depends on the culture of each individual, by the way they grew up and the religious, cultural, and sexual beliefs of each people, nation, gathering etc, some of the things that only few know about dreams and need to be mentioned are:
Blind people also have dreams, even though they do not have the best image of the material world; people who go blind after birth can still dream, even though a lot vaguer, but those who have been born blind enter this “imaginary” world only through their other senses – inner feelings, taste, touch, these senses helping them thus to rest their brains, given that dreams represent recreation, a time of rest for the human mind.
Even though we often feel like we could remember a whole dream, from start to end, we have to be aware that 90% of what we dream remains in the darkness of the night, so we forget about it. When we wake up, it is possible that we remember a little bit more than half of what we contemplated during the night, but even a few minutes later, these images become vaguer and vaguer, letting us re-create at most 10% of what we have dreamt.
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