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Which carbohydrates are bad for the organism?
Which carbohydrates are bad for the organism?
31.07.2014, 21:41
Rank: 7
This month:
One of the most dangerous carbohydrates is HFCS or the corn syrup which is actually a food additive. It is toxic for the body and it destroys your metabolism, working against any attempt to adopt a balanced and healthy diet. Unfortunately this additive is found in most of the aliments. Born from the desire of the food industry to produce cheaper sweeteners, they extract the essence from corn and converts it into a sweetener. What makes it so toxic is the fact that the body cannot absorb it, and it will enter in the storage phase, consuming a minimum level of energy in the process. Moreover it will keep you feeling hungry, fact that will lead to an increased consumption of aliments. In order to improve your health, pay attention on the labels before you buy food and eliminate HFCS from your diet.In a well-balanced nutrition plan, there should be included only whole and organic grains. Organic grains and bread made of them contain natural sugar or its variations like sugar cane juice. These products can be more expensive but the overall cost will be equilibrated by much lower consumption of such products since they have higher nutritional value.
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