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Who are the most important people for your business?
I am starting a business in the entertainment industry and i hear all kind of stories from those who have their own companies.
They ususaly complain about the intervention of the Police, local authorities or the Administration of Finance.
My conclusion is that i need a few good advisers that can help me maintain a good relation with these institutions, without getting in any trouble.
Who do you think they are?
09.07.2014, 08:47
cel mai bun!
Rank: 7
This month:
Ok, i did the homework myself.
In the end, the most importnat people for a business, that can help me avoid problems with the authorities, are the lawyer and the accountant.
The first one should keep me out of trouble with customers and suppliers. He can help me avoid fraudulous or speculative contracts and so on.
The accountant will help me maintain a good relationship with the employees and the state authorities.
Once these two people are set, I'll be able to focus on my job - developing my business.
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