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Who can tell me more about hybrid cars and then recommend me one?
Who can tell me more about hybrid cars and then recommend me one?
28.07.2014, 23:26
Rank: 7
This month:
If all hybrid cars in the compact class are environmentally friendly in a banal style, quite austere and boring here and there, the new Lexus CT 200h promises the best eco-friendly premium experience. Although Toyota Prius is the indisputable queen of hybrid models, its cousin is refined, elegant and luxurious, although it is built on the same technical platform. And do not forget that the CT 200h is the most affordable model from Lexus, despite the fact that it is a little sluggish in terms of performance. This model does not want to threaten the position of the cheaper hybrids, but attacks German diesel models such as the 1 Series and A3 series.

Lexus CT 200h comes with a design that includes it in the brand image, the muscular style with sharp edges making it the most aggressive and elegant compact hybrid. Both seen from profile and from behind, CT 200h seems very solid and serious, without betraying the character of a hybrid car, no outside element pointing that we are dealing with an eco-friendly car. Honestly, this is how the hybrid cars of the future should look like, emanating potency and masculinity in the premium way.

The strength of this model is in the interior, drawn and finished in the Lexus style. Absolutely all materials on board and joints are of the highest quality, as during testing we were unable to find a corner or an edge that can be criticized. The entire interior is a deeply relaxing and refined environment, managing to redefine the ergonomic norms of premium compacts. The driver's seat is positioned perfectly and offers comfort worthy of the brand's name, plus the sports profiling provides a very good lateral support. Even back passengers can fully enjoy this premium interior without sacrificing the legroom space. We loved the leather multifunctional steering wheel, as it provided a unique eco feeling. In fact, whatever we've touched in this car makes us love Lexus CT 200h even more. In fact, it is sufficient to drive this car once to convince yourself of its premium value. Regarding the interior space, you must keep in mind that the volume of the rear boot is 375 litres, the normal value for a compact hatchback.

As you start the engine of the new Lexus CT 200h, you remain impressed by the peace and harmony that reigns in the car's interior, the feeling being unique in the segment of compacts. Even at speeds of 140 km / h, the hybrid model proves to be very well silenced. But the coolest thing inside is the 7.1 Mark Levinson audio system, so in case you are that type who loves listening to music while driving, it will guarantee you a lifetime addiction. The multimedia system is the best in the range of these compacts, being awarded as the best Remote Touch device, so it can be used as a computer mouse. Once familiar with the interior and the present gadgets, it is almost impossible to choose another model for daily use.

Speaking of a hybrid, we must point out the drive system on Lexus CT 200h. This premium model features the same hybrid system used by Prius, consisting of a gasoline-electric tandem. The 1798 cm3 thermal unit develops 99 hp at 5200 rpm and a maximum torque of 142 Nm at 4000rpm. The AC synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets develops a maximum power of 60 kW and a torque of 207 Nm. In terms of dynamic performance, Lexus CT 200h does not impress, getting to the hundred in less than 10.4 seconds, but the top speed of 180 is modest for such an expensive car. However, we must not forget that this model is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the combined mixed consumption being only 3.8 l/100 km and the emissions being just 87g/km. Yes, it is eco-premium. Unfortunately, those from Toyota, oh, Lexus sorry, failed to improve the autonomy in full electric mode, so the model CT 200h is capable to operate without gasoline just over a distance of 2 km and with a speed of up to 45 km / h, enough to impress friends and scare the pedestrians.

Lexus CT 200h comes with an electronically controlled variable transmission (E-CVT) with the ability to select modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. Even if it sounds odd, eco-sports is possible, but do not expect sporty performance. In case you overdo it, as we did, eco-friendly will mean that you managed to grow the consumption up to 8 l/100km, so less sports, but always premium. We liked that the 1370 kg of the hybrid model perform well on the road, so its road character can be regarded as sober and neutral. The base price for Lexus CT 200h in Eco version is 29,960 Euros, taxes included.
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