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Who has more details about the snake grass?
Who has more details about the snake grass?
22.08.2014, 21:59
Rank: 7
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The snake grass Echium vulgare is a herbaceous plant, biennial, which grows to a height of 1 m and originates from Europe. The plants name comes from Greek, echion which means snake. Among the people it is also known by other names such as Slytherin, ox tongue, redness weed, vipers head, horse sweat, asp grass, grass of the weak.It belongs to the Boraginaceae family and is found more in desolate places on railway embankments, roadsides, in fallow lands and hayfields. This mellifera plant has a black pivoting root and gray coloured strain, rigid and covered with hairs though, simple and branched from the base. The leaves are oblong and covered with hairs the ones from the base are arranged in the shape ribbed rosette. The flowers are blue, purple, red, pink or white-pink they have red stamens and bloom from June to September. The fruits of this plant are shaped like miniature nuts.
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