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Why are dreams important and why is it good that we dream?
Many experts say that dreaming is actually important, that this process somehow helps the mind relax. But I don't get it, how exactly does dreaming help it relax? What happens in our minds when we sleep?
01.10.2014, 12:02
Rank: 1
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The final answer and also the most simple is that in order to have a quiet life during the day, when we are not sleeping, we have to have a quiet “night life”, which involves dreams; given that these appear in the REM stage (Rapid Eye Movement), which helps us relax our bodies and our minds, it allows us to have a more healthy cerebral activity. We also must not forget the fact that dreams are those that often help us solve certain tense situations with the people around us or the problems that are connected to our personality.
Thus, we can say that dreams represent a continuous therapy furing the night, where the therapist is our own subconscious, and the person that needs to heal is the conscious mind. The interpretation of the dreams can develop us a lot, as well as the environment we live in or the environment which we use to draw our ideas from, it can help us gain more wisdom and more joy. After all, dreams only represent a way to know your own self, even if this amazes us most of the times, and how could we possibly be happier than by knowing our true needs and trying to eventually fulfil them?!
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