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Why are the Auto-Moto games so popular, do you play them?
Why are the Auto-Moto games so popular, do you play them?
18.11.2013, 16:14
Rank: 7
This month:
Any racing car fan can attest to the popularity of auto-moto games and there are many reasons why.

These games are the closest thing to putting you in the seat of the action of a real racing car driver. The latest incarnations are so realistic that you can almost smell the tires burning up the race track. The variations of these auto-moto games attest to their growing fandom and we can take a look at why.

The challenge of being a race car driver via these auto-moto games comes from again, the realistic gameplay that the developers have put so much time and effort and resources in. They actually go to the tracks like at NASCAR and scrutinize every detail. They may even put cameras in the cars and have professionals go at it so that they can capture the very essence of the racing experience. The developers also look at the mindset and environments and incorporate them into the game environments and more.

With all that in mind, any player of these auto-moto games can attest to the thrills and excitement of racing around either a standard oval track or taking on a challenging environment that might include a cityscape, countryside, desert, and combinations thereof. Some game developers go all out and add such sub genres as science fiction, horror, and even medieval themes. You can be jetting through a racing environment with laser cannons on your car or machine guns while monsters, aliens, and even Dracula show up trying to beat you to the finish line or finish you off.

The imagination soars as these developers come up with the full range of both realistic and imaginative auto-moto games challenges, characters and designs. You'll find your favorite cars as well as new versions of them to hop behind the wheel and put the pedal to the metal.
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