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Why did Prince Charles married Diana if we know that he has always loved Camilla Parker Bowles?
I read something yesterday about Princess Diana and have have been wondering since then why did Prince Charles married her instead of Camilla? Everybody knows that the second women has always been his love?
26.08.2014, 11:26
Rank: 7
This month:
As i have read in an article about her tragedy, she found out that her marriage with prince Charles was something arranged prior to they bondage. It is said that Charles crandmother, the Mother Queen has made a plan in order for him to marry Diana, and then to eliminate her from the public life smoothly and slowly. We could say this is something too violent, a crazy thing, that the joyful grandmother couldn't to such a misfortune. But still, the love of Charles' life, Camilla, has been brought at the royal house immediately afetr the marriage. Diana was feeling insecure, betrayed and couldn't understand why Charles keeps a love affair with Camilla if he married her and if he told her he loves her. As it is believed he has said about his love for Diana: "Darling, everybody has a different way of understanding love, and i have my way of loving you". The whole royal family, especially Charles were very cold to Diana, were very protocolar and unable to show at least mere affection to her. She has quite quickly started feeling like a stranger, they were making her feel shamed and unconfortable especially near them and she soon knew depression and anxiety, feeling useles, helpful and more and more less desirable in the royal family sorrounding. Her insecurities were conducting Charles to warming the relation with Camilla, the mistress, as Diana could see her. But no sooner did Diana die that Charles announced his marriage with Camilla. I think we shoul ask ourselves why did the prince marry Diana if he has never loved her or cared about her?!
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