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Why do all governments encourage globalization? Why do many people want globalization?
Is it such a good thing to be part of the globalization process? Do you wish it for you and your grandchildren? Is it good for people around the Earth? Can you name the pros and cons upon this issue?
29.08.2014, 10:01
Rank: 7
This month:
Globalization a good thing just as much as it is a bad thing. Just think of it for a second, globalization means that the borders are lifted so trading is encouraged and everyone knows that trading is the world's oldest business, so it acts an an economic engine to a country. People can meet and communicate to people from other cultures, it brings people together for further business and relationships. But this also brings the bad side of it, one country might forget its culture and since globalization has a sole point of bringing people to the same level, some traditional aspects are forgotten. In my opinion, globalization isn't such a bad thing, one country can not survive within itself, it lacks many things from products to military or financial support.
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