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Why do people's fractures heal differently?
Why do people's fractures heal differently?
31.07.2014, 13:24
Rank: 7
This month:
Even if at the first sight the recovery process of the bones seems a simple and fast one, the reality proves us wrong. Everything depends on the gravity of the fracture, on the person in matter, age and accident. For example, an adult person who has suffered a tibia fracture will be needed at least 3 months for a complete and correct healing, which would mean that after the operation and the treatment, the patient will be able to use the healed area as he did before the accident.Also, another interesting aspect is the fact that in the case of children, the fractures are healing faster than in case of adults, because the capacity of regeneration of the organism is more powerful for children than for adults.You should not believe that a well placed cast and a period of relaxation will contribute at the efficient recovery of one bone, because it will only have this effect if a healthy alimentation, with calcium and proteins is to create the foundation. The Vitamin D is also very necessary for the organisms absorption of calcium and the mental state of the patient, things that can directly influence the process of recovery of the bones.After the complete recovery of the bones you must be extremely careful if you have a hard job that implies body work and physical exhaustion, or if you practice sport a lot. You should take into consideration that during the resting period the muscular resistance of the affected area has very much decreased. Therefore, the physical effort should be gradually resumed. If the situation demands it, the patient should take art in massage or medical gymnastic sessions.
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