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Why do we have reconciliation sex?
Why do we have reconciliation sex?
30.12.2013, 21:56
Rank: 7
This month:
To answer this question, we must first realize that there are two types of reconciliation sex! The first is the true sex of reconciliation, the "real" one: you have a fight, you temporarily keep a distance between you two, you eventually reach a common solution, a compromise and then "celebrate" with sex! This type of sex is the one which brings harmony in your relationship and signs the peace pact!

After the tension caused by quarreling, follows a partial release of stress and nerves, concluded in the end with sex. Even after you've reconciled, a little tension still persists, making you energetic, and sex is the most natural, beautiful and pleasant way to eliminate the last remnants of this tension. A fight which is not finished through sex still persists in our mind, if it still has some power ...

But then there is another type of reconciliation sex, which is more of a substitute for reconciliation, than a completion of the quarrel! When the fight becomes irrational, too energetic, sometimes brutal, you simply cannot find a common perspective of managing the situation, the tension grows and grows until it reaches the limit and asks to be released somehow.

During this state of nervous excitement, the brain secretes various hormones that make you energetic, active and instinctive. So, when this status of instinctive nervousness and irrationality will control your way of thinking, sex is a sure way to defuse.

You need a break, or else tension can cause a real crisis! Without wishing rationally for this way, you find this the best solution to get rid of nervousness and the conflict. This, however, does not mean that the dispute is resolved. But after sex, you often find it easier to try to talk rationally with each other, to reduce the distance that separates your point of views, to try to understand the other's perspective and accept a compromise. After sex, rational communication, without being controlled by aggressive emotions, becomes much easier.
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