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5 Weeks Pregnant -What


The 5th week of pregnancy marks the beginning of the embryonic period – only now the little one can be called an embryo! The growth of the embryo continues, although it is still barely visible – about 3 millimeters, while a  more familiar form of the embryo begins to be distinguished. If you want a visual image, imagine a seed of an apple! Heart has already formed and palpitations are weak, while brain and spinal cord (neural tube) begin to form.

Starting with the 5th week of pregnancy (which is actually, the third week after conception), the growth rate of the embryo begins to increase rapidly and the development of the vital organs takes speed. Placenta and umbilical cord are almost near to the end of their formation and soon they will nourish the fetus with oxygen and nutrients for growth.

 …and the future mother:

Being 5 weeks pregnant, it is unlikely you still haven’t figured out that you’re pregnant! If you haven’t performed yet a pregnancy test and did not go to the doctor, symptoms cannot lie. If you didn’t plan for a pregnancy, but your period is late and certain signs occur (nausea, frequent urination, cramps), you should do a pregnancy test, and after a few days, another one to check up again. On a positive result, go to the doctor, who will definitely confirm your pregnancy.

The increased level of the pregnancy hormone HCG and of the estrogen and progesterone hormones can cause fatigue, dizziness, nausea and irritating headaches. The need to urinate increases – you can expect to feel the need to go to the bathroom six times in a few hours! Now it’s the time for the famous appetites to come into picture, too – some more bizarre than others.

Your silhouette is still not telling you anything – except for a vague bloated abdomen – but your breasts are already a little sensitive and somewhat bigger. You can experience nausea in the presence of some strong odors and you can be often nervous and irritable.

What to do in the 5th week of pregnancy:

  • Obstetrician. If in the previous week you were not sure and did not go to the doctor, read in the previous article what it says about choosing a reliable obstetrician and the first conversation with him; also, read about essential vitamins during pregnancy.
  •  Emotions. If you are at your first pregnancy, you can have confusing emotions, to experience fear, frustration, anger combined with enthusiasm and joy! It is quite normal to experience this confusing mix of emotions – especially if you have not planned the pregnancy!
  •  Rest. Remember that it is normal to have feelings of irritability and sudden mood changes, but try to diminish them through relaxation, rest, enjoyable activities. It’s time to give yourself time off and let stressful things on the shoulders of somebody else (spouse, mother, mother-in-law, sister and so on).
  •  Avoid any risk. Since the first trimester is the riskiest of all, the fetus is most vulnerable, as his formation is continuous, so be careful to avoid exposure to pollution, harmful substances, cigarette smoke, alcohol, excessive exercise, exhaustion.
  •  Have you already started Kegel exercises? Very well! It may be a good idea to sign up, even since the 5th week of pregnancy, to a prenatal course that will teach you relaxation techniques, which will greatly facilitate the adjustment to your new condition and will allow you to meet other future moms!


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