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A Gordon Setter Can Hunt For Hours

Originally the Gordon Setter was used to smell or sharp for games involving the bringing of an object at which had been thrown. Today they are used for hunting and as pets. Raising a Gordon Setter is a very low cost, meaning that it can be fed like any other hunting dog. It is more than necessary to consult with the breeder from whom we buy, to establish a proper dog diet. Tables should never be offered before or after their exercise, as to prevent any twisting of the stomach, which can occur in dogs that have a very deep purr.

A Gordon Setter isnt exactly a cheap dog. Moreover, if the puppy comes from champion parents or the quality of the breed is higher than usual, the amounts paid on it could grow and turn him into a very expensive dog. As for the life expectancy, it is estimated at 9 to 15 years, averaging around the age of 13. A female can give birth to between six and eight pups.

We can say without exaggeration that out of the group of setters, Gordon is the most difficult of them. It has a look that gives the feeling of elegance and dignity. He preserves a lot of power which is unusual for a setter, as well as the ability to hunt for hours. Their fur is soft and shiny, quite long and even on the legs. They are large dogs with a deep chest and well muscled. A copy of the breed can reach 66 centimeters and 34 kilograms, males being taller and stronger than females.

The Gordon Setter can be traced in time to the year 1620. He originates from the Spanish pointer and has various forms of spaniel, more or less developed at that time. The breed derives its name from the fourth Duke of Gordon, who struggled to establish the official race at Castle Banffshire in Scotland, around 1827. The Gordon Setter is the only breed native raised in Scotland, particularly for hunting birds. It is a dog that is used in more specific situations, though its versatility is limitless.

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