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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Acapulco, The Best Place To Have Fun

The tourist city of Acapulco is one of the most important tourist centers in the world because of its warm climate & beautiful beaches and it is one of the busiest resorts in Mexico. Recognized worldwide for its natural beauty, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. In this city you can find mountains covered with fresh vegetation & golden beaches and from deep fishing and diving, to tennis and golf, you can enjoy many activities here.

The Spanish built ships on this place ever since 1530, in order to use them for trading at sea. The ships laden with luxury goods from Mexico were leaving to the Philippines, where traders from all around the world met to create barter agreements. After their agreement, the Spanish ships returned to Acapulco of today, loaded with pearls, ivory, Chinese silk, spices, etc. These Spanish merchants have introduced exotic goods in Mexico, from the whole world.

If you are you looking for fun, surf and sun, then dont hesitate to come to Acapulco. This extraordinary city consists of three parts – the first is called Playa Revolcadero, which is located near the airport, south of Acapulco Bay. The widest stretch of beach and a tropical lagoon can be seen here. Only a few resorts you can find in this region, but recently more buildings are built. The second part is known as Puerto Marquis; this region is situated north of Playa Revolcadero, between the bay and the airport. The third area of Acapulco, named Acapulco Bay is probably the most popular of all the three parts and it is among the greatest places in the world, due to its magnificent views. This area also hosts almost all the leading hotels in Acapulco; besides hotels and resorts, the visitors have many places for shopping and dining out, the night life in this city being wonderful.

If you want to relax away from the noise and traffic, you will find isolated beaches and hidden coves in many resorts. The beaches where you can practice water sports, especially surfing and scuba diving are: Caleta, Caletilla, Larga, Honda, Muelles, Isla La Roqueta, Puerto Marquez, Horne, Hornitos, La Condesa, Paraiso, Revolcadero, and Pie de La Cuesta the place where you can see the most unforgettable sunset. Also, vvisitors from all around the world come here every year for the crystalline waters. It doesnt matter if you prefer a busy schedule filled with activities or a great atmosphere, Acapulco is an exciting adventure and the perfect place for you.

The sights on the coast of Acapulco are: the La Quebrada Rock, the cliff, the Papagayo park with sports facilities, Cici Park, El Veladero National Park, an ideal place for walking and camping, the beautiful Laguna de Tres Palos and Laguna de Coyuca, where you can practice hunting and sport-fishing.

If its your first time in Acapulco, we recommend visiting especially the Roqueta Island (Isla La Roqueta), because this is the ideal place for relaxing or diving. We will also recommend the scandalous La Quebrada, the place from where the fearless divers jump in the ocean from the foot of the cliffs. If you are the adventurous type of person and you look for adrenaline, you can jump rope (with an elastic rope) from heights that offer you a panoramic view of the bay, the hotels area and the mountains.

I dont think there is anyone who visited Acapulco and has not tasted a bit of the Mexican cuisine, who has not listened to the Mexican music, who has not danced mariachis or who has not partied at a Mexican fiesta. The discos, bars, restaurants and the famous hotels in the Acapulco resorts are always included in the program parties with music, drinks and food. So if you are looking for fun, Acapulco is the right choice for you.

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