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Acquario Di Genova – Traveling To The Sea World


Acquario di Genova in Italy reveals the treasures and mysteries hidden deep beneath the seas and ocean and presents a fascinating world that enchants the visitors. The Acquario di Genova is a complex of buildings which all attract the attention of the curious due to the irresistible show they create but the main attraction is the actual aquarium which hosts around 12000 copies of 600 different species of dimensions, shape and colours.

Near the Aquarium there is another building made of glass and with steel structure called “The Biosphere” which allows an adventure thorough the secrets of the tropical forest thus revealing a marvellous ecosystem. The City of the Children is another part of the complex, a place where the youngsters can experiment and play with the technology and science. Another attraction is Galata, the biggest maritime museum of the Mediterranean which illustrates the history of navigation as it displays boats, vessels and over 6000 other original objects while the elevator Bigo of 40m completes the attraction with a wonderful view over the city of Genoa.

All these can be seen due to the Acquario Village ticket which allows the public to get acquainted to the rich environment always renewed as a useful initiative for learning purpose. The night of the sharks leaves the opportunity to spend a whole night near the aquariums with dolphins, sharks and many other creatures of the seas. It has place in the dark not to scary the octopuses or the other creatures while only dim lights are on and the exit ones too. Thus the visitors see how the animals sleep, that the dolphins close just one eye or how a certain fish species gets stuck to the rock due to some special mucus only to get rid of it in the morning when it goes swimming.

Another noticeably thing to be remembered is that there is an opportunity to embark on a cruise following a journey of the marine mammals till the resort of Portofino.

Acquario Segreto is the place where the curious can assist to the release of the turtles after having been attended in their natural environment or the area of the jellyfish. Thanks to the help of technology and amazing journey, the visitors experience a complex sensation and they also improve their knowledge though an unforgettable educational adventure.

The species in Acquario di Genova are part the wide variety of creatures from the Mediterranean Sea which can be admired: the sharks, dolphins, jellyfishes, sea cows, red chorals, starfishes or the eels.

One section is dedicated to the tropical area where the environment is completed by the special nuances and colors of the chorals which are special places where different wonderful though special species may be found. The waters of the estuaries typical for this tropical area where the mangroves are to be found are the natural ecosystem for another special kind of fishes while in the sweet waters live creatures such as the catfish, the crocodile, the piranhas etc. In those forests of the jungle live the chameleons, the iguanas, the pythons. Also the Antarctic region is represented by as there one can see the penguins and the orcas, and Madagascar too by the huge turtles. It is for sure an irresistible and limitless world which offers unforgettable memories and fun in an extraordinary mix.

Acquario di Genova is situated in the old harbor of the city called Ponte Spaniola. Due to its location it attracts many visitors as it offers a unique and enchanted place for meetings, conferences, wonderful view over the aquariums with thousands of animals and offers ideal places for dinners, cocktails and galas. It is one of the main attractions of the Italian culture. The complex has the shape of a ship which lies anchored in the heart of the city and spreads towards the sea. The project was made by the architect Renzo Piano who through his imagination created it as a ship on the verge of being launched to the sea. It was built on the 15th of October 1992 at the 500 years celebration from the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. The actual Acquario was finishe by another architect, the American Peter Chermayeff. In 1998 the Big Blue Ship is inaugurated. It has 2500 m2 surface to display the exhibitions and is 250 m high. It laso has 4 flours out of which 2 are under the sea level 7 m deep.

Acquario di Genova has 71 chambers which present terrestrial, maritime and lake ecosystems. It hosts hundreds of species and over 10000 mammals, fishes, reptiles, birds and invertebrate. Some of the big tanks are open and allow the visitors to freely touch the fishes. The reservoirs are a perfect reproduction of the real environment which makes the visit even more interesting and attractive.

There are 12 rooms: the Jellyfishes, the Dolphins, the Sardines, the Sharks, the Deck of the Blue Ship, the inside of the Blue Ship etc.  Acquario di Genova wants to impress the tourists and raise their awareness on issues such as the preservation of the marine ecosystems by presenting them and promoting species and their natural habitats. Their activity is based on the commitment of specialized personnel which is entitled with the good care of the animals.


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