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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Adventure Travel Experiences


The true explorers always complain that expeditions- even the dangerous ones – have become a business today, wearing a more commercial aspect. This damages a lot the aura of boldness which they have gained over time. Specialized companies are dealing with the organization, speculating the longing for adventure of the people and their need of testing and exceed their limits. It doesn’t matter if you want to go at the North Pole, in Antarctica, in Alaska, in Siberia, on Everest or on Kilimanjaro – you will always find someone to take you there; but for that you have to take out from your pocket a relatively high amount of money.

Yet this time, it is not just a matter of money. There are activities that, even if they are organized, are still not available to everyone – not only financially. Some companies claim you to prove that you are capable of enduring the harsh conditions of the trip, requiring medical certificates, and sometimes evidence of previous performance.

If the quiet holidays spent in the seaside resorts, in a boarding house or in a hotel from a Western city are not pleasing your thirst for adventure anymore, then you can try to go to another level: tourism towards destinations hard to access and where indeed, you need something more than money. Here are some ideas for your adventure travel.

The Everest Mountain. Reaching the world’s highest peak (8848 m) is considered by many climbers as the highlight of their careers. For those who pay to get there, Everest expeditions are not cheap – participation in such an extreme travel costs $ 65.000, without counting the transport in Nepal, the medical insurance and personal equipment. Also, the companies usually require the climbers to have previously participated in difficult alpine expeditions, in order to make sure that all the participants are qualified to withstand extreme conditions. If you want to start with something more accessible and less dangerous, Kilimanjaro peek (5895 m) is a perfect option.

Another idea for your adventure holiday might be the dangerous paths in the rocks. The most famous destination is, perhaps, Mount Hua (Hua Shan) in China. It’s scary even in pictures because it gives you that feeling of emptiness when you look down from that great height. The “roads” that are leading up to the Mount Hua’s peeks are some wooden sidewalks, hanging by the rocks; here and there you can find chains that you can grab.

Caminito del Rey from southern Spain is also a trail of wood, suspended between two huge rocks. It is quite dangerous especially because it lacks some fragments. Actually, the route is officially closed, which, however, doesn’t prevent the adventurous to use it. Given its popularity, the Spanish authorities are considering to rehabilitate it and also to reintroduce it in the tourist circuit.

If you want to face the cold, altitude, or on the contrary, a terrible combination of heat and humidity that makes the air difficult to breathe, you can always opt for a more adventurous offer.


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