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Algeria’s Attractions

The Algerian Republic is a country located in the northern Africa, which have as neighbors the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Tunisia to the north-east, Libya to the east, Niger to the south-east, Mali and Mauritania to the southwest, Morocco to the west, and also a few miles from the annexed territories of Western Sahara. The name of Algeria is derived from Algiers, the capital of the country, which comes from the Arabic language al-jazair and translated means islands, referring to the four islands off the coast that became part of the continent in 1525.

The sights from Algeria, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List are: the fortification Beni Hammad, the cave paintings at Tassili n Ajjer, Mzab Valley, the Romans Ruins of Djemila, the old city Tipasa, the Roman Ruins of Timgad and the Old Town, Casbah, from Algiers. Some of the most popular attractions in Algeria are the National Museum of Art and the Ethnographic & Local Art Museum.

On the Haut plateau you can see: the historic town of Tlemcen, the Great Mosque, the Almohad ramparts and the Masourah fortress. On the way to the Sahara desert, you can observe the Holy city of Beni-Isguen, with an auction market and guarded gates. Algeria boasts a few natural beauties such as: Kabylia, the Georges Gorge and the ocean, an impressive beauty. The capital of the country, Algiers, is a city full of history, with many ruins: Djemila, Tipasa and Timgad.

The city hosts many public buildings: the Kasbah quarter, the Martyrs Square, the government office, the Ketchaoua Mosques, the Roman Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame d'Afrique, the Bardo Museum, the Old National Library of Algiers, a palace dating from the 1800 Turkish National Library, similar in style to the British Library.

The Ketchaoua Mosque was formerly the headquarters of the Cathedral of St. Philippe, which in turn was transformed from an old mosque dating from the seventeenth century. This is an impressive monument of architectural standpoint, combined with the Byzantine Moorish style. The Bardo Museum houses ancient sculptures and mosaics from Algeria, Algerian coins and medals. In the Zwill Ghar district, Notre Dame dAfrique is one of the most impressive monuments in Algeria.

Tourists who wish to spend their vacation in Algeria should be aware that placing on the Algerian territory of alcohol based products, pork based products and an excessive amount of cigarettes is totally prohibited. It is also recommended to tourists who travel on their own to have a contact person to accompany them. They should also not walk unaccompanied after 22 p.m. and the females must adopt a decent outfit and behavior, as they live in a Muslim country.

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