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Among The Most Ferocious Dog We Can Find The Boerboel

Boerboel dog means farmer in Afrikaans language, South African vernacular. The origin of this magnificent animal is lost in the shadow of the past but let’s stop here and focus on a story that race experts consider a first description of the Boerboel.

The King of Albania wanting to show consideration for its mighty Macedonian counterpart, the legendary Alexander the Great offered him a dog of occurrence and impressive stature. Alexander surprised by this dog he was soon disappointed that this massive and powerful dog refuses to fight first against a bear, then against a boar and a deer. He orders it to be killed immediately. Hearing this news, the Albanian king gone sad, because the dog he had got was just a pet. To repair his dead, Alexander sends another dog, all solid, with an impressive head, calm, with short sandy hair. This was to be a more special gift as this dog was a special breed made from ferocious dog combined with strong ones. Alexander threw him into battle against a lion and an elephant. The author does not describe the beasts fight but noted that Alexander the Great was impressed by the courage and ferocity in dealing with wild animals of this dog.

In our days the Boerboel is kind of like a European Pit bull as it has the same resemblance. Same body shape, same muscular stature and there are only few differences between them. In some countries this dog was forbidden due to its uncontrollable rage. It suddenly started to bite people while it was walked on the streets and because it was considered a threat to people it was forbidden. One of the countries it was forbidden was Romania and that was because of the many incidents that occurred with the Boerboel. It was only recently announced that the dog was again available in the country because of the new improved breeds that now have a lower level of ferocity and have been declared to be safe for society. In any case these animal should still be kept away from other dong and kept in a tight leash with mouth protection as you can never be too sure.

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