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Antalya, Turkey’s Tourism Capital – This Must Be Heaven!

Antalya, the Turkish capital of international tourism, is situated on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Gulf of Antalya. Legend says that at the discovery of this land, the king Attalus II told to his people: This must be heaven. The city is famous for its intense and colorful night life, so you can be sure that in your vacation on the Mediterranean coast you will not get bored at all. Especially in the summer, the port and the dock host a great variety of pubs, discos and bars, which are very popular among both locals and tourists. In the rock bars you can find menus with all kind of drinks.

Nowadays, the tourists who come from all over the world are extremely amazed at the wonderful sunset in Antalya. Only after such an astonishing experience someone can tell they have seen what a person is allowed to see in a lifetime. Here the climate is hot and dry in the summer and relatively warm and rainy in the winter. This is one of the reasons why more and more tourists visit the city both in the summer and in the winter time.

Once you have tasted the cuisine of Antalya, the flavor of the spicy Piyaz, or many other Mediterranean main dishes, they will stick to you forever and it will not matter how much you try to cook them at home, the secret ingredient will always be missing. Apart from its spectacular traditional food, Antalya boasts golden beaches (Konyaalti, Lara) and sparkling waterfalls (Duden, Manavgat) which are major tourist attractions, where people come for the first time or return for more.

The city seems to have taken all of the cultural and historical past of Turkey, which is so well maintained and sealed by the traditional archaeological style of the mosques and churches. The historical part of the town, Kaleici, is also the tourism center of it. The global tourism gave birth to some imposing buildings (hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs) near Yivli Minare, a symbol of the restored historical center, and near Kesik Minare, a former Byzantine church, later transformed into a mosque.

Despite the tourism development, the airplanes are the main means of transport, but still, both the land and the sea routes have been taken into consideration recently. The Antalya International Airport has just opened a new terminal to face the growing number of tourists. The whole urban transportation system helps the tourists to move from one side to another and to visit all the sights, while they keep their energy for discovering bars and restaurants. Thus, they may opt for minibuses that follow certain routes, taxis, trams, etc.

The legendary Turkish baths, the spicy foods, the colorful souvenir shops, the noisy streets and the bars are full of elated tourists. The Antalya Festivals are the reasons why you should pamper yourself in this paradise, at least once in your lifetime.

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