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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Aquatic Gymnastics And Pregnancy


Aquatic gymnastics and pregnancy represents an interesting topic for any future mom! This kind of gymnastics gives multiples benefits and is the most recommended type of physical activity during pregnancy and also during the birth recovery.

Why is this topic so popular? Because unlike other physical exercises (aerobics, jogging, fitness) in the water you make little effort and you are kept away from risky accidents such as bruises, falls, tearing a muscle. Aquatic gymnastics has become future mothers’ favorite and it is recommended by the doctors. Once you gain the normal extra kilos during pregnancy it is increasingly difficult to move- but in the water it’s easier !

What does aquatic gymnastic imply during pregnancy?

There are different centers that offer special packages for the future moms who want to help their bodies get through the pregnancy challenges easier. The aquatic gym sessions involve a set of various exercises which maintain the muscles: exercises that help you breathe, stretching exercises, recreation and even swimming ( if you don’t know how to swim you are still able to do the rest of the exercises because the water level allows you to stand). But if you somehow don’t afford to sign up for these special courses, you can do by yourself regular swimming sessions- but be careful, don’t get too tired! Swimming has also big advantages for pregnant women.

Aquatic gymnastics it is also recommended for the after birth recovery: it helps your muscles regain their flexibility and firmness. The postpartum session packages are more varied and imply a greater effort than before the delivery. If you want to follow this program to recover your resistance and shapes, it is necessary to see your doctor beforehand. If you delivered through caesarian for example, it is necessary to wait for full recovery. At the same time, infections or postpartum conditions can stop you from doing exercise.

Advantages of the aquatic gymnastics and pregnancy:

  • Physical activity. The most practical advantage is given by other ways of physical exercise: it strengthens your body and muscles endurance, which will be stressed during pregnancy and delivery. It provides an easier recovery after birth. It provides a good health.
     Effort. You don’t have to make too much effort and you are kept away from unpleasant and risky accidents – bruises, falls. In the water, you move easier, smoother and more balanced. The weight keeping you from moving faster during the pregnancy evolution is sustained by the water and allows you to make various exercises.
      Swimming. Even simple swimming sessions (if you don’t afford the registration to an aquatic gymnastics centre) are fully recommended and are extremely beneficial for your body, putting your muscles at work. Be careful, don’t get too tired, and stop swimming when you feel dizziness or any kind of pain.
    Recreation. Aquatic gymnastics is practiced in common sessions which imply recreation exercises, accompanied by a soothing music. Activity mixed with relaxed ambiance can offer you wellness and a good physical and mental tonus.
     Blood circulation. Physical activity in water helps the blood system, which means that the fetus is better oxygenated, the blood pressure is balanced and thus you avoid the excessive fluid retention within the tissues.
    Breathing and digestion. During the pregnancy, mainly in the last months, you will have a rough breathing and digestive problems on the whole term. Aquatic gymnastic offers you special kinds of breathing exercise and can help you have an efficient digestion (a proper digestion contributes by blocking the excessive weight).
     Muscles. Maybe the endurance and firmness of your muscles are not at the top of your concerns list during your pregnancy. You have to know though that your abdomen muscles and thighs are highly stressed and any kind of help is welcome. Aquatic gymnastics it strengthens your whole muscles: chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs, abdomen, thighs.
    Company. In general, the special sessions of aquatic gymnastics during pregnancy are held in group: it gives you a perfect opportunity to meet future mothers and change impressions, a piece of advice, concerns. The best piece of advice for a future mother: talk and interact with other pregnant women – it makes you feel less lonely, less fearful, more confident and optimistic.
    Staff. If you are interested in aquatic exercise, be careful to always have trustworthy staff, so make inquiries about their competences. A qualified person must always be there during the exercise. If you decide to take swimming sessions by yourself, have always someone by your side; be careful when you choose the pool: if it’s clean, what cleaning products they use; avoid the public pools and the crowded ones; at the slightest discomfort stop the swimming exercise.
     Doctor’s advice. Before you sign up for the aquatic gym classes or start practicing swimming, ask the doctor’s advice and see if certain conditions don’t involve a high risk: a multiple pregnancy, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure. As mentioned in other articles – during pregnancy the doctor’s orders are sacred and you must follow as such the  recommendations.


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