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Astrological Symbols  The Zodiac Signs

In order to indicate relevant objects, many astrological systems use images known as astrological symbols or glyphs. Such symbols have their origins in ancient times and were employed to designate zodiac signs, classical planets, lots, aspects and lunar nodes.

The most popular astrological symbols of all are definitely the zodiac signs. The symbols used for these signs are not only a practical form of shorthand. They represent the signs essence and its position in the zodiac. In the following lines all twelve astrological symbols for the zodiac signs will be explained.

Aries – This glyph symbolizes a rams horns. There is however another interpretation of this glyph as it is said to represent eyebrows and a nose on a human face. This glyph may also represent a plant shoot, in the spring when it first grows from the ground.

Taurus The glyph for Taurus is said to represent a bulls head with horns. Another interpretation suggests that it describes the Moon which rests on the Sun. Unlike Aries, Taurus has a nice, round, solid shape.

Gemini This symbol represents Castor and Pollux, the Gemini constellation twin stars. It is identical with the Roman number II and its meaning is duality.

Cancer This glyph is an internal, circular and protective one. It is said to symbolize the breasts, the ovaries, the closeness between mother and child; this sign has a nurturing quality.

Leo This glyph stands for the stars found in the Leo constellation. It is said to represent the head of a lion covered by the mane.

Virgo It represents the unique female figure of the zodiac. The maiden has in her hand a ripe ear of wheat. The coiled M represents the intestines or the ovaries, uterus and vagina.

Libra It represents the yoke of a dairy maid, balancing two pales of milk. It is considered to be the Suns symbol.

Scorpio The only male figure of the zodiac. It is the masculine variant of the Virgos same M with a sting. It is also associated with healing and medicine.

Sagittarius This glyph is similar to the constellation as well. The arrow points upwards, prepared to be shot. The line across symbolizes Sagittarius being a centaur, half horse, half human.

Capricorn The glyph describes a goats head with a fish tale from a sea-goat. It is also thought to represent a goat on its knees.

Aquarius – The Water Bearer. The glyph symbolizes radio or air waves. It represents the airborne traveling of information.

Pisces The Fish. This last astrological symbol of a zodiac sign shows two fish or two dolphins linked together.

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